Stop-off … Family

There will be something for everyone, young and old! Bike tour along the Burgundy canal, small hike on the trails of the territory. But also playful visits for children and a picnic break at the edge of the water!

First day

Trail of animals in Cruzy le Châtel: This trail is a path which varies from 5 to 8 km between woods and plains and changes every year. It is composed of 14 species of animals to discover along the circuit with their descriptive sheets and their fingerprints. Accessible from April to early October.

Geocaching Activity: This path allows you to do Geocaching! Get a GPS with your family and using the application “Geocaching” go in search of small boxes filled with trinkets, “caches”, hidden by insiders in picturesque corners! Halfway between treasure hunt and orientation course you will love! And your children too …

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Enjoy this ride to take a break and have a picnic with your children in nature between fauna and flora.

From Cruzy le Châtel to Argentenay : The Forest of Green Giants is located in Argentenay’s public forest and is the creation of land artist Alain Bresson. His monumental plant sculptures are displayed in the forest, made to be seen and enjoyed by everyone. These living sculptures, designed to evolve with the seasons, invite visitors to explore nature with a poetic eye and a touch of humour and to reflect on the future and forest protection. The visit takes an hour or more and is a time for dreaming…

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Les Écuries du Bas Four vous proposent de pratiquer l’équitation sous la forme que vous voulez (initiation, formation, perfectionnement). Profitez des promenades et randonnées sur Noyers-Sur-Serein, Ancy-le-Franc, Tonnerre… afin de découvrir nos sites Bourguignon.

The stables of Bas Four offer you to practice riding in the form as you want (initiation, training, development). Enjoy walks and hikes on Noyers-Sur-Serein, Ancy-le-Franc, Tonnerre … to discover our sites in Burgundy.

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You will find the authenticity of Burgundy and Brittany in buckwheat pancakes and crepes that are prepared only on demand. Breton products hold their places, Andouille de Guéméné, Saint-Jacques, homemade salted butter caramel, confronted with local Burgundy products, Andouillette from Troyes, Chaource, Époisses and even snails!

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Bed and breakfast located in a house of character of the XIXth century. Close to Tonnerre and its surroundings this house is easily accessible. You will be able to take advantage of the big raised garden the summer for your breakfasts and the chimney of the living room the winter.

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Second day

Tasting at the domain of Laurent Roze: The domain Roze invites you in the vineyard and cereal farm of the Petit Virey farm. This farm is home to many animals. Young and old will find their account with the discovery of the cereal production and the visit of the presses and the cellar.

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Treat yourself to delicious homemade pizzas but also with Burgundy dishes that La Tropicale offers you!

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Trails discovery of wetlands in Perrigny Armançon: Along the water meeting the fauna and flora of the meadows and groves of Perrigny Armançon. Leave the village center for a circuit of 1.6 km 2.4 km away. Let yourself be guided around the Armançon and the Nature to discover the simple things that surround us.

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Discover the wealths of our territory