With friends…

Nature activities and Burgundy warm will be at the appointment during your memorable stopover with friends!

First day

Start your trip by strolling peacefully along the Burgundy Canal!

Rent your bike at Ancy-le-Franc at the reception of the Tourist Office for a walk the time of a morning. You can visit the small villages that you will cross and contemplate the Burgundy heritage.

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Discover the village of Ravières: old fortified village still with many traces of the end of fifteenth early sixteenth century as evidenced by the remains of the enclosure. You will find in the heart of this village Saint-Pantaléon church (12th and 16th century) classified as a historical monument.

For those who are passionate about Art & Culture, an associative gallery shows you different works of art every month: paintings, photographs, sculptures, as well as a photo studio… What a pleasant time in this village Bourguignon.

Take a seat at the restaurant “l’Écluse 79” for a quality service a friendly and warm atmosphere. Typical Burgundy decor, the Chefs offer traditional regional cuisine made exclusively from fresh produce and adapted to the seasons.

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After a good meal go back from Chassignelles to Ancy-le-Franc by bike to discover the heritage wealths in this town full of story!

This stunning Renaissance palace is a masterpiece of Serlio, Italian architect for King Francis I of France. It was built in the middle of an enormous park for Antoine III of Clermont, brother-in-law of Diane de Poitiers who was the mistress of King Henry II of France. Home to one of the largest collections of 16thand 17thcentury murals preserved in France today, the castle of Ancy-le-Franc rivals the Palace of Fontainebleau. Explore the richly decorated apartments and the majestic courtyard, as well as the French and English gardens whose two new flowerbed displays won the Victoires du Paysage award in 2018. Many tour options, events and exhibitions are organized throughout the season for the whole family.

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Summer restaurant in the Moulin Neuf park at Ancy-le-Franc, on the edge of the Burgundy Canal you are planning here a little gourmet break in your journey on our territory. Enjoy local products and “homemade” in an idyllic setting between canal and Armançon.

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The Domaine des Douves, former residence of the steward of the castle of Ancy-le-Franc dating from the late eighteenth century. Opens its doors in respect of the traditions of welcome and celebration of the original culture of the owners both French and Russian. Cozy accommodation surrounded by a 9-hectare woodland adjoining the castle park.

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Second day

The Forest of Green Giants is located in Argentenay’s public forest and is the creation of land artist Alain Bresson. His monumental plant sculptures are displayed in the forest, made to be seen and enjoyed by everyone. These living sculptures, designed to evolve with the seasons, invite visitors to explore nature with a poetic eye and a touch of humour and to reflect on the future and forest protection. The visit takes an hour or more and is a time for dreaming…

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Tasting at the winery of Durand-Felix at Molosmes: Meet Fabienne and Fabrice two owners-harvesters in their magnificent vaulted cellar of the nineteenth century to taste their productions Burgundy Epineuil and Tonnerre wines.

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Find on your plate an assortment of local products and wines of Tonnerre, to discover or rediscover the terroir of Burgundy.

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According to your preferences we offer:

Golf in Tanlay: A part of the park of Tanlay castle converted into a golf course to entertain you and have a good time during your outings on our territory! The course is not very demanding so you can easily introduce you to this discipline. Beginner, amateur or professional, there is something for all levels. You can also enjoy the forest surrounding the golf course to take a break and contemplate nature.

Hike around the castle: Discover one of the most beautiful Burgundy Renaissance castle thanks to this hike. An old Roman road will then lead you to the village of Saint-Vinnemer where you will join the Burgundy canal.

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Tea room and homemade pastry, wine Tonnerrois, Belgian beers … What a good and last moment between friends for the end of your stay!

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Discover the wealths of our territory