Stop-off … Vineyard

You are already in Burgundy! A vineyard from its prestigious neighbor Chablis, the vineyard Tonnerrois offers you the full range of wines of Burgundy: red wines, rosés, white and crémant de Bourgogne form the range of wines that you can taste in our cellars in Epineuil, Tonnerre, Dannemoine or even Junay.

A concentrate of Burgundy in your glass!

First day

Hiking “The hills of Épineuil” – 16 km – 4 hours: Departing from Tonnerre go on an adventure through the vines Tonnerroise following this hike around hills and villages. You will discover: the wine-growing village of Épineuil where Alfred Grévin was born, the Saint-Étienne church of the 11th century, the 18th century wash-house, the village of Molosmes with its 16th century church and its 20th century wash-house, as well as the hamlet of Vaulichères with its 16th century castle. Without major difficulty this hike is accessible to everyone.

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Let yourself be tempted by a rich and varied cuisine oriented mainly on local traditions and products. Different formulas are offered to satisfy all appetites and budgets.

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Visit and tasting in the domain of Florent Masson: Located in the heart of the village winemaker Épineuil in an old house “Le Clos des Sens”, the Val Grévin estate invites you to discover the best of its terroir by visiting its vaulted cellar . Discover all the treasures that the estate offers you to share and offer. Do not hesitate to contact the owner to reserve the best welcome and enjoy, if you wish his offer of hiking tasting!

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Visit of the museum of Chevalier d’Eon (1st commercial of the vineyard of Tonnerre): Louis d’Éon de Beaumont, father of Charles d’Éon de Beaumont (known as “Le Chevalier d’Éon”) was a lawyer in the Parliament of Paris and made a fortune in the wine trade being director of the estates of King Louis XV. The Chevalier d’Eon used the Tonnerre wines to ravish the languages in all the capitals of Europe.

Discover the life of the Chevalier d’Éon through this museum presenting all family memories for 60 years that Philipe Luyt (owner of the Hotel) kept preciously before exposing them to the general public.

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Enjoy your time with a break at Autour du Pressoir. You can drink and eat a collation and buy some products of our region !

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Enjoy a traditional French bistronomic cooking open to the scents of the world. The Chef’s menu offers dishes thought with care and passion. The menu is renewed each season with fresh, carefully selected and home-cooked products.

Multi-faceted place enjoy their bed and breakfast for one or more nights with a sumptuous setting in modern and comfortable rooms.

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Second day

Vitis Vini Terra offers workshops to introduce you to the tasting and break through its mysteries but also to perfect you during thematic sessions (forgotten grape varieties from Burgundy, vertical tastings, partial vineyard tastings, etc.).
Vitis Vini Terra also offers oenological hikes: True decoding of the Chablisien, Tonnerrois and Auxerrois terroirs whose bases are made on in-situ wine tastings in their original wine plots.

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This charming bistro welcomes you around a local meal accompanied by the best wines of the region. Dishes of the day and pastries “homemade”, aperitif dinner … You can enjoy their terrace and some concerts organized on summer evenings.

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A last moment in Burgundy to relax: part of the park of the Tanlay castle converted into a golf course to have a good time on your outings on our territory! The course is not very demanding you can easily introduce you to this discipline.

Beginner, amateur or professional, there is something for all levels. You can also enjoy the forest surrounding the golf course to take a break and contemplate nature.

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